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We are one of the fastest growing IT staffing solutions providers in the nation. Whether you are looking for your next IT career opportunity or looking to add qualified IT professionals for your business needs, we can partner with you in achieving your endeavors.

Our Mission

To deliver a stronger workforce by optimizing supply chain performance while adhering to our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Passion.

Perks of Choosing Us?

The most important advantage that comes with us is the huge savings we bring in costs. You can save on costs incurred in

  • Advertising your vacancies in different media
  • Pre-employment testing, background testing, and drug screening 
  • Training and onboarding 

For a business that is sporadic like in the IT domain, laying off people now and then when the business is slow can have ill-effects on the balance sheet and reputation. So, maintaining part of your workforce as temporary through  us can save unemployment costs. The Affordable Care Act mandates that a company must provide health insurance for its workers when the number of employees exceeds 50.  But if you are a startup unable to bear such costs at such an early point then using temp staff from us can be a cost-effective solution!

Recruiting for a position that needs exceptional skills can take months. Advertising in different channels, searching through thousands of resumes, interacting with prospects, screening them, setting up interviews and finally facilitating the negotiation for an executed offer letter may sound like a lot of work for the hiring manager or an HR department of a company. Parsippany Technologies has the resources, techniques and a ready base of candidates to shorten the hiring cycle to a few days. We also handle all the paperwork and hassles entailed in the recruitment process.

A recruiting decision is a make-or-break decision. If you don’t match the right job with the right person, the company will soon have a draining hole in its money bag. Parsippany Technologies has the expertise and specialized knowledge needed to get this crucial decision right. In contrast to an in-house recruitment team, we tend to meet a greater number of people from a wide range of industries and easily pick up on the trends and changes in the job market. 

Parsippany Technologies is always recruiting so we have a ready database of candidates we have screened and assessed. So, whenever a new requirement is given to us, we can tap into this wide network we have already built to find a suitable candidate more easily. We also have in our pool, hard-to-get passive candidates who are already employed and not looking for jobs. Since we have a deeper knowledge of each candidate’s profile, the quality and employability of the candidates are much higher than one would normally find through job portals or in response to advertisements.

One major appeal that Parsippany Technologies from a professional agency has is the flexibility that we offer to employers. A new project may need high skilled professionals for the short term. When sourcing them through us, the employer need not worry about making long term commitments to retain them once the project is over. Even for permanent positions, we give employers the option of trying out an employee before hiring him or her.

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